Jaguares stars advised to take overseas deals

Jaguares centre Jeronimo de la Fuente has revealed players at his side have been urged to take offers from overseas clubs should they come.

Jaguares stars advised to take overseas deals

Jaguares stars advised to take overseas deals

The Argentine Rugby Union’s advice to players comes as Super Rugby’s immediate future remains uncertain, especially for teams representing one nation.

While New Zealand’s domestic Super Rugby tournament is approaching kick-off and Australia’s is in the pipeline, South African outfits have only last week been told they could begin the process of returning to training as their lockdown was easing. The Sunwolves on Monday announced their stint in Super Rugby is over.

“The UAR told us that if (a player) had an offer in the future, to take it to ease the economic issue a little,” centre De la Fuente explained to ESPN.

“They told us that if we had any possibility of emigrating that we take it and that the UAR was going to be predisposed to help us to be able to travel.

“Not that the UAR is going to let all its players go.

“It will try to retain a base so that professional rugby remains in place, competing, and basically so that there’s some competition within the country where they can take Jaguares, Ceibos or Argentina XV.”

UAR President Marcelo Rodriguez did, however, offer a firm stance that he believes the Jaguares, who were Super Rugby finalists in 2019, are not to be written off, telling ESPN: “We are sure that in one way or another Jaguares will be put in a competition that is economically and financially sustainable for the UAR.”

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