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Wild Bill

Wild Bill

Top American actor Rob Lowe is Bill Hixon, a high-flying US police chief who shakes up the UK’s Lincolnshire Police Force – and his own life in the process – in this sharp-witted original crime drama.

Whip-smart, acerbic and unstoppable, the impressively qualified Bill is determined to make his mark as the Force’s new Chief Constable.

But Bill will soon discover that the people of this unfamiliar community are just as cynical and smart-mouthed as he is – and the result will be as funny as it is dangerous.

ITV’s Wild Bill is available to buy on DVD on 29th July and on Digital Download now!

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Who plays Bill Hixon?

A: Rob Lowe

B: Robbie Low

C: Bobby Lo

Closing Date : 29th August 2019