‘We must accept Covid-19 restrictions’ – Jonny May

Jonny May insists England stars must accept the limitations placed on their freedom during an autumn when most of their time will be spent in a bubble designed to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus.

‘We must accept Covid-19 restrictions’ – Jonny May

‘We must accept Covid-19 restrictions’ – Jonny May

Preparations for the final match of a Six Nations interrupted by the pandemic and then the Autumn Nations Cup have already begun at the squad’s temporary new base in south west London.

England have broken the autumn up into blocks with lengthy spells in camp followed by short visits home during which Eddie Jones has demanded his players stay disciplined in avoiding infection.

No grumbling A high-tech games room has been set up to help alleviate any boredom and May admits there can be no grumbling.

“I just don’t feel we are in a position to moan or whinge about not going out for a coffee or not being able to do whatever we want to do,” May said.

“Across the world people are having to adapt and crack on. We have got the opportunity to play rugby and do our jobs.

“We are healthy and we are getting paid – we are very, very lucky to be doing what we are doing and we are aware of that.

“We are here, we know what is expected of us – it’s a choice. We want to play for England and if this is what we have to do to play for England we just do it straight away.

“You just get on with it. It just seems like it’s the new normal at the moment. If we have to wear a mask, we do it, if we have to wipe down our dumbbells, we crack on with it.

“All the forms and temperature checks and tests and things, that’s just the way it is and you do it at the snap of a finger because you want to do your job and you want to play rugby.”


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